Hey guys. Dustin Medlin here with Keller-Williams Diamond Partners in Olathe, Kansas. And we’re talking about, today, when you should move up from that starter home. So what are the reasons?

There’s five reasons to move up from a starter home that are main reasons, and number one is that you plan to have kids or you plan to have more kids. It happens. People do it all the time, and that’s the easiest way to outgrow that house is to start having some more children. So kids is a huge reason.

Number two. You’re completely out of space. You’ve got a home and you’ve managed to visit The Container Store weekly and you’ve got stuff everywhere. Your garage is full. Your basement’s full. It’s probably time to … Well, first of all, it’s probably time to clean some things up. But it’s also probably time to think about getting a bigger house. So room is the number two reason for moving.

The Third reason would be your starter home is a money pit. Basically, it’s falling apart. You’re putting too much into it that you’re not gonna get back out, so it’s just maybe time to sell it. And you know, money pit, of course, that’s a technical term. If you guys have ever seen that money, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, it’s real funny. Tom Hanks, Money Put. Go rent it. It’s pretty funny.

Fourth reason. Your family’s making more money. So you and your spouse, when you bought your first home, you were probably limited financially, and that’s why you bought the home you did, because you had limitations. Now that you may have been in it for awhile, you’re probably making more money now than you did then, so a perfect time to cash in and maybe get a bigger house. So money, money, money.

And then number five, the fifth reason is market conditions are ideal. Which … That’s exactly what we’re going through right now. If you have lived in that house for five, six, seven, ten years, maybe you’ve built up some equity by paying the mortgage down, and you’ve also gained appreciation over the good market that we’ve had. So you’ve got equity and you can cash in. We still have relatively low interest rates, even though they are creeping up, so if you wanna lock in on those, it’s a good time to maybe do that now, because the trend is showing them going up.

So those are five reasons, folks, why you may wanna move. Thank you.